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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers the game that everyone with a smart phone should played it or at least heard of it. Despite the dramatic change in applications and games for phones in the last two years and the great development of graphics or visual effects used by the companies that developed applications for video games, but there is still simple and light games that do not need strategies or plans for complex game play and a precise understanding of the steps of the game such as a casting game and any surfer who is the subject of our conversation, these games remain a special place for the public and a place always kept and start on the list loaded on Google Play store or in App store .The most accurate description of the Subway Surfers game is that it is a new version of endless games like Temple Run, but with new and interesting modifications that are more fun than one way or another.

Subway Surfers Idea

The main idea of the game depends on running in the middle of the railroad bars of the “Police Inspector” and his annoying dog for fear of being imprisoned, all you have to do is not stumble over the obstacles and the different barriers that appear on your way as you go. you run either by jumping or changing the route of running right or left or skating from the bottom of some sources, you also have to collect many things that appear on the screen while you run the gold coins and some of the help or power. Ups that help you in the overall package like a chalkboard or the Hover board that increases your speed and makes you jump and do some of the moves and the gold coin magnet that does it. You don’t have to change your career path until the gold coins are collected, they simply run in any direction and the coins will come to you, to the huge slippers for jumping, the spoils and the rocket and many more, as we’ll explain later in the game play.

How to play Subway Surfers

  • Slide your finger up to jump to the character you’re playing with and assume that this is Jack Jake because he’s the main character in the game. Do this when you want to jump over the wooden obstacles that appear in your path as you play.
  • Slide your finger down on the screen to make Jack roll forgiveness when he encounters an evil wooden hitch from the bottom.
  • Slide your finger to the right and to the left so that each shot changes direction from one bar to another to avoid the next trains in your direction or avoid other obstacles such as light or walls or any type of obstacle.
  • Press the screen twice in a row to have Jack install a slider or Hover Board that would speed Jack up and help him collect more gold coins and give him another chance if he hit a train or other obstacle, just lose the shutter, but don’t stop running and don’t fall into the hands of the annoying policeman.
  • Collect as many coins as you can see during the game, these coins will help you in the game to buy the game utilities in the store and buy many upgrades that make the game more entertaining.
  • Keep in mind that the longer you run in the game, the more time and the police can’t inflict you as fast as you do, so it’s harder to overcome the obstacles than you have to overcome a faster action.
  • Gather the most Power Ups that will show you large size, shiny appearance and multiple shapes. Each shape gives you an additional feature in the game, such as:
  • Mega Glove Super Sneakers This shoe makes you jump big and high to benefit from jumping over trains or several high obstacles in general.
  • Jet-pack Hopper jumper makes you fly high on another horizon in the game to collect more and more gold coins away from the annoying policeman and his dog.
  • Magnet Coins This magnet is the most important tool in the game that makes you assemble a large number of coins, attracting the mechanism of all the coins that pass in your path, whether you are going in the direction or in any other direction.
  • Coin Multiplier x2 Coin Multiplier x2 This utility will make you multiply all the coins you collect during its execution and has this medium and you will get a larger coin balance.

Subway Surfers components

1. The shop

You can access the store by clicking on the Store button in the main menu and within the store you will find many utilities or Power Ups that will help you play more entertaining and help you collect more gold coins, but you will purchase these tools in The Coins You Collected During Play. Some tools require you to purchase them by paying with your MasterCard or credit card, which is not free.

2. Missions or Tasks

In the tasks section, you find that the game application asks you every day for a new task to be requested by the game developers every day and has a special Reward prize that you get when you perform the task, always the task is triple, you have three requests to fulfill in any order what is important for your three, for example, there is a task in which the game asks you to collect 5000 gold coins, then you get 1000 points in the race or a try and then you get two Power Increase the profits in your game while running and the prize or Reward you get is a multiplier of points you get in the game As a multiplier X2 score, the game becomes entertaining and always interactive with the user. To find out your current task, simply press the Missions or Tasks button in the main menu and it will show you the task.

3. Daily Challenge

Every day, the game asks you for a daily challenge with a set time to complete the challenge before the time expires and you also have a Reward prize. If the daily challenge is given five consecutive days, you will win Super Super Mystery Box, which is a mysterious box containing a secret gift that you know when you win it, for example, you can win a large amount of gold coins and every day after the fifth consecutive you get another box of Super Mystery, so try to meet as many daily challenges consecutively days until you win as many mysterious Super Mystery Boxes as possible.