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Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best and strongest fighting games and the practice of different movements and combat skills that make you live the spirit of adventure and combat if you compete on the computer or play online and when you start the game allows you to choose your favorite combat character. You have to play with this character and develop her combat skill so that it can fight many combat battles from the beginning of easy battles to difficult battles.

In addition, the game comes with a high quality graphic that makes you experience the fighting spirit and excitement and the exit of the fighting spirit through the game to play with great realism and you can get the fighting skills that you love. choose from many different weapons and fight with swords and armor suits, and various magical powers make you never get bored.

However, the game allows you to play with many of the most famous and professional gamer in the game from all over the world and you can win many alms from the competitors who are in these different battles. All you have now is to download the game. Shadow Fight 2 for Android and Yvonne is free and lives an instant thrill, eliminates the forces and combat skills within you and shows how precise you are to reach the goal of an overwhelming victory among many players around the world as mentioned above.

Shadow Fight 2 Story

The story of Shadow Fight 2 is about some of the myths that prevailed in East Asian countries, when a group of extremist people killed entire civilians in a city, but managed to escape that gang.The city witnessed the myth that there was a piece of stone, and the person who found it could possess extraordinary abilities, and this man could actually get those abilities, after finding the piece and emitting the radiation that gave him the abilities. and transformed him into a supernatural person, and turned this hero into a piss that he can hide and no one sees him. He used that characteristic to fight the gangs that destroyed his friends and family.But the hero’s certainty that this ability is not enough to fight enemies and overthrow them, trained in martial arts to be able to face those evils and fight them and overthrow them to avenge their friends and family. Shadow Fight 2 will be personal This hero will help you achieve your goals with all your might.

How to play Shadow Fight 2

After downloading Shadow Fight 2 for Android and installing it on your smart device, you can now start entering the game, and you’ll notice at first that it shows you the story of the game that will merge with and affect you and complicate your efforts to practice it with every challenge and determination.Initially, the game will show the guidelines you must follow because they tell you the right way to play as it is supposed to happen, since initially you will be offered to buy a number of weapons and you will have to choose the powers of them. So you can fight violently, and you will discover that the game offers a number of protective tools, such as helmets and others, you can buy them to protect yourself from the blows that the enemy exerts against you.

Once you download Shadow Fight 2, you’ll find that it contains a host of tasks that vary from stage to stage, and as your level progresses in the game each time you receive more difficult tasks, how you play that game depends on the gradient system, where you won’t be able to enter the stage before you finish the previous scenario.To know the power that is inside your enemy, you can easily discover it by looking at the area underneath the enemy, and you will find a force of three words, be it an impossible force, a hard force or a normal force, you just have to be brave and give your best, and don’t worry about the exponent. Arms the game offers a lot of different types and shapes, you can buy them to defeat your enemy almost certainly.

Shadow Fight 2 Features

The game has a great feature pack that you can get only by downloading the Shadow Fight 2 game for Android , the most important of these features are:

1. Shadow Fight 2 comes with a distinctive story that makes you ignite your enthusiasm and play the game with all the challenge and persistence, the game is not only a start story, but also a story when you finish the game to increase the pleasure and excitement you have.

2. The game comes with fictional graphics and high-tech graphics, as well as characters that appear as realistic and similar to Taken most famous game in the PlayStation shop and August, but the Shadow game offers many different abilities that make you live the spirit of the real thing. fighting on your cell phone.

3. The game provides a series of different stages and tasks, in order to enhance the amount of entertainment and excitement you can get from the game and you can develop the personality combat skills with which you play to destroy the overwhelming destruction of the enemy.

4. You can download the Shadow Fight 2 game for free with no material charge in the download and this is what distinguishes the game compared to paid mobile games and you may discover that the game is very boring and eventually becomes the best Shadow Fight game. Fighting games with various martial arts and b Strange and unspeakable weapons.

5. The game provides you with instructions to guide them at the beginning of the game, so you get used to the mode and become an expert and when you start the game you must follow the instructions of the game until you are professionally caught in many battles. and fully informed when the player is sick, you play with the computer or if you face a real player online when communicating with the Internet.

6. The company launches developments in the game continuously to introduce modifications and add advantages, but adds many skills and martial arts on a regular and continuous basis, as well as many personalities who have stirred up the noise of many of the most popular actions. and combat movies in the world in the cinema.

7. Shadow Fight 2 has many aerial and combat scenarios in a combat journey that can reach different worlds that increase the adrenaline to rival Satan at the end of the game, which performs many martial arts and you must train with all the energy you need to gain many skills to be professional so that you can win and destroy the demon at the end of the game.