ROBLOX is open world game, it adopts most people’s favorite online game system, to provide everything that is needed and looks like the lovers of these games. ROBLOX is a very famous game and has followers and followers of Its versions everywhere, and they are categorized from animation games, working on all kind of computers and mobile phones, which contain more than 20 different styles of game play, which fiercely compete with the oldest and most prestigious animation and construction games, and contain thousands of different elements and cartoons. The characters, including Pokémon and others, are considered ROBLOX of the 2018 lightweight games because of their lightweight size and their ability to run smoothly on any computer, and the game is dominated by the character or free method, where there are no restrictions or obstacles preventing you from going. Wherever you want to go, with hundreds of people and city residents filling streets and highways, this simulation game is also considered a part of reality, and let you live life and chose the way you want, and one of the best adventure games.

ROBLOX is Minecraft’s most powerful competitor, but its popularity has increased because it’s free unlike many of its competitors, and the nature of the game is similar or similar to the beginning of your journey and after you download the ROBLOX from the game, you’ll do it you have an infinite number of tasks you have to perform, which will live a very real life with them, and speaking of the land on which the game is based, it can’t be completely limited, where more is added over and over again, which gives game fans all the renewal and diversity they are looking for, as well as the success, continuity and expansion of the game, and the attraction of new players, so far the Arabic language is not available, and the official language within ROBLOX is English, but you won’t have great difficulty playing and understanding, and events aren’t limited or ended in a certain amount, and with every minute of play you will discover new things that can be fun and amusing.

ROBLOX  Information:

1. Operating Systems: The game is available for various Windows, Android and iPhone systems.

2. Innovation: develop the spirit of innovation and creativity in building your dedicated world.

3. Social contribution: allows you to contribute with your friends construction team and team.

4. Graphics: characterized by excellent graphics, precision and perfection.

5. Sound Effects: includes a large collection of sound effects suitable for all events in the game.

6. Challenge: the game develops within you a challenging spirit to preserve your world from the enemy.

7. Diversity: The variety of construction tools available that you own or share with your friends.

ROBLOX Features:

  • The ROBLOX gaming platform is one of the largest gaming platforms in the world.
  • The game is available on Android, PC and Xbox Online.
  • ROBLOX games are aimed at children and teenagers from 8 to 18 years old.
  • The games are developed continuously and were first developed in 2004 and the first version of these games was released in the same year and the name Roplex was adopted in 2005 and the first coin ROBLOX points.
  • You need to download the game at least every month.
  • Roblox games have ample imagination
  • In ROBLOX players can create any character and play in it.
  • In the game, it attracts players’ adventures as a car race and works to solve puzzles and crimes.
  • It allows you to talk to friends in ROBLOX through the dedicated gaming platform.

The player inside the game ROBLOX simulates different environments, it is like you’re in a science fiction movies, or even in your own dreams, creates an integrated 3d virtual world, develops within the player the architectural destiny and how to build mega-models, and build your entire city is equipped to defend against any enemy. Attack and try to sabotage it, and the game plays an important role in social participation, where you and your friends make a common intellectual space and share the tools of construction and industrialization, and compete in. innovate and create the best, and when the best allows you to get ROBLOX jobs that allows you to buy Better construction equipment, many other surprises within the game.