In the last three months, a game with a complex name has spread without being educational and is not easy to pronounce in the language called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and during the last few days, and throughout the week, we have been challenged with you this game that has taken over our thinking for a long time made us forget or Forget our favorite games that we play daily, just to download more time for the PlayerUnknown battlefields or as they call it PUBG.

PUBG MOBILE Game story
PlayerUnknown is the name of the game creator and his nickname. Yes, that simple, if the name of the game is a battlefield player. Who is PlayerUnknown who sees his name every day around 400 thousand players?
Brendan Greene is an independent Irish PC game’s designer who has not passed the age of 40 and has never dreamed of being a full-time player, and he doesn’t even consider himself a “player” with the meaning of the Word. Do you have any hair? Perhaps you are more skillful than he is in his own game, he has invested only a few hours devoted to most of them in the style of kampers hidden in a house. The classic games that formed most of our childhood and our vision and concept of games were never played by people like Zelda and they may not be able to pronounce the industry icon name Hideo Kojima without stumbling over their pronunciation. however, he considers this to be his unique or essential strength.

Features of the PUBG game
The PUBG game is full of features such as the possibility of voice chat between you and the computer you play with so you can play together and communicate, and you can also make these voice chats with your friends on Facebook by linking to the game and knowing it. Friends who play this game and communicate with them to play together.
There are many weapons within the game and because of the large area of the game map, there are also modes of transportation within the game that you can play as cars and motorcycles so that you can navigate within the game and enter the game circle, and you and your friends can also ride a car and move together from E to it.
One of the most important features of the game is the number of players who play with them and download to Android phones more than 30 million times.
The game has several game modes, such as a mini-map in which the size of the game is smaller than the basic map where the game is only a part.

  • How did the idea of PUBG MOBILE come about?

Like most of us, the unknown player has seen the Japanese film Battle Royal released at the beginning of this millennium, and liked the idea of putting humans in front of each other, it’s true horror or realism, just tell me that my life depends on the death of the rest, and see what I can do?
The Japanese film may be more popular, but the background book, based on the events of the film and the subsequent game, was first released in 1999 before that idea. That’s why we’re thinking; was the Japanese writer Koushun Takami, when the book finished in 1996, expected to be the writing of a basic brick for one of the most successful Games of 2017? Or to be a reason to change the life of our unknown player 180 degrees from an immersed person who doesn’t know what the development engine of the game means to a person who sees his name daily to about 400,000 players all over the world?

  • When did Greene start working in PUBG?

Following the success of Mood H1Z1 KOTK (which was part of Greene) and the success of the first version of Battle Royal for the game ArmA 2, Brendan Greene was named as the creator of this genre of games, which bears the name of the first phase of Battle. Royale, and from here continues the Korean developer Bluehole (known for his work on MMO games or Hira as Tera) with Greene to join them to work on a game with the same idea of the original mood, but what infuriates the effects is that The studio originally specialized in the development of MMO games, which led him to fear not being able to communicate the sense of realism he seeks to introduce through his new concept, and then the artistic designs of the developer are convinced by his ability to translate his Vision on the floor. During his first interview with the boss of Bluehole Studio, he got the most intense enthusiasm when asked about his expectations about game sales to tell Greene with confidence and faith in his idea, one million copies in the first month.

  • What makes the unknown player special?

According to Greene, he considers himself an amateur designer as a positive point, so he can think freely and innovate infinitely without having his own implementation and limited technical capabilities available. Being a regular player (Casual Gamer) is another point in his favor, because it’s easy to think outside the box when you’re completely bewildered inside him.
At this point, the unknown player said that his colleague from the music field had refused to listen to another music so as not to filter his music involuntarily. It’s the same thing the unknown player has done throughout his life, although he played Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty, but stopped investing more hours in it as soon as his idea was not known.
The Unknown Soldier believes that many of the game designers cannot innovate for their total immersion in the games and spend a lot of time on the experience of their games and other games. This makes high quality AAA games look very similar.
If there is only one thing we learn from amateur game designers like Markus Persson (MineCraft and Derek Yu and then Brendan Greene), it is that creativity and thinking outside the box is much easier when you don’t know the complex development processes and the limits that the technology provided in thinking.
The unknown player tells me that he doesn’t understand anything about the engines of games, and that he doesn’t distinguish between feasible ideas and the other that is a fantasy, and therefore suggests many suggestions to his co-workers, who eventually face ridicule due to lack. Of technology to achieve what is required. But he sees it as an advantage, since it gives him a lot of creative freedom, since he doesn’t know the rules or the limits.