Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game developed by the company ‘Niantic’, one of the company’s subsidiaries (Google’s parent company). It combines real and virtual reality to allow the user to hunt objects, train and trade Pokémon. The main attraction on which the game is based, is that the player is looking for and hunting Pokemon wandering the real world around him, where the game is based on the camera phone in a way that allows you to see Pokémon in the user’s environment through the phone screen, and then catch him through Throwing a virtual ball at him.

When you play, you have to choose and design your character and your name, then you will find your virtual character on a map that shows the places around you and you can start your journey in search of Pokémon. There are also special places called ‘Pokéstops’ that show you on the map, these places are usually found in real places in your city in archaeological buildings, famous squares, attractions, and so on. You have to go to those places so you can get the balls you need to catch Pokemon and other things are needed to keep playing.

There are also various types and forms of Pokémon, including the aquatic Pokémon found in front of lakes, and other types that are only found in certain places, and therefore require the game to travel and explore until capture all Pokémon. You win two types of virtual coins in the game, the candy and the star Dust Stardust, and what you win depends on the stage of growth Pokemon has reached in the development cycle. The coins you win can be cashed out to increase the power of Pokémon and develop it. The player also gains experience points experience by completing certain tasks within the game that qualify him to upgrade to a new stage. When you reach the fifth stage, you can join one of the three teams (red, blue, or yellow) to compete with other players.

Pokémon GO Features:

The game is completely free: One of the best things about the game is that it is available for all users to download for free and can contain products that you can buy with real money and are tools to help you upgrade your Pokemon and develop it as well as many other tools.

Great and different idea: The most important feature of the game is that it comes with a completely different idea which is what some consider as the beginning of a new era of games that helps you more than just have a good time, helps you discover new places and helps you have a good time.

Distinctive design and proper size: Get started… The game comes from the development of the giant company Niantic, which gives you an idea of the distinctive design of the game, although the game comes with a small size and very convenient, which gives the download game Pokemon GO another feature.

Millions of users all over the world: Although the download of the Pokemon Joe Pokemon GO game is not available to all users at the moment, but the game has spread very dramatically and quickly, which will give the game the advantage of competition between better and more powerful players.

Updated company’s support: Naturally, the game Pokemon go will receive the full support of the company developed. It is expected that the game will receive continuous updates to develop the game’s performance and solve any problems that may arise, as well as increase the content of the game. The game and its possibilities.

Pokémon Go’s Information

What does the word Pokemon mean?

Pokémon is a Japanese word that is the name of a Japanese cartoon series that means “pocket monster”, meaning that pheromones are pocket monsters, each Pokémon character known as specific skills, the names of the Pokémon characters are identified by the Nintendo Company and are used in all the games they developed and in the songs from the Pokemon GO game. Many Pokémon game users are aware of what Pokémon means and even know Pokémon characters with names and abilities.

How to find Pokémon and catch them?

There are several types of Pokémon in which each differs from the other with the pheromones it owns and the player has to collect about 151 Pokémon to become a Pokémon Master, and to find these Pokémon in the game. The surrounding areas according to the ribbon that appears in the S On the right corner of the screen, when the player approaches one of these pheromones, a sign appears on this bar. When the Pokémon sign appears, you can click on it to go to a second screen where you can see Pokémon in your real world and to catch it you have to point the red and white ball at it and shoot it into the center. Pokemon to ensure that it is captured.

What is Pokestop?

It appears as blue floating cubes on the map as you play and as you approach them, a place within the Pokemon GO application that lets you get more Pokemon balls, eggs and Pokemon Pokemon eggs. Pokestop usually located at a tourist site in the country or region, or at an important and well-known landmark on the ground.

What is Pokemon GO plus?

Pokemon Plus: A small device that allows you to play the Pokemon Go game while you are on the move and without looking at the mobile screen, connects Pokemon Joe Plus via Bluetooth to your mobile device and alerts you in case of important events within the game, such as the presence of Pokémon in the ocean of HO You with the vibration function and the LED light function.

What are Pokemon Balls?

The white and red balls are used to hunt Pokémon for a ball throwing game in Pokémon by finding it inside the application, and you eat all the dust and elements surrounding the Pokémon completely and then you become the Pokemon that belongs to you. the rules of the game.