Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the professional games that has more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store, a classic game that you can play with your family and friends and the whole age group is suitable for everyone because it is multi platform and can be played on the computer or mobile device. The lack of Internet has also added many of the functions to chat with friends and there is an automatic transmission system, as you can stop the game and resume playing again and identify friends from all over the world and learn about the game statistics and the game was developed by Ludo and corrected the bugs that existed in the previous version and adds some improvements to it to support all devices with normal capabilities and add the option to save and improve Internet Connection so you can identify Facebook friends as it is completely free of ads and needs Internet only in case you want to play with your friends. Within the King Ludo game 9 competing game rooms, plus chat for friends and self-expression by sending emoticons, it is suitable for all ages with simple rules and classic drawings, and it is also a family game that you can enjoy with your family members and with children Because it is very simple, full of challenges, fun and excitement, you can defeat your opponent and get the highest scores and make a Ludo List.

What is a ludo game:

Ludo it is a board game that consists of a palette of squares painted on it and there are some of the handwritten arrows next to the squares and there are disks with four different colors: red, blue, yellow and green as well as the dice stone and can play the game players of each player against the other and in this case they will own two colors of discs OR the game can play four players, each player has a variety of discs available in the game and is one of the four that we mention in the colored discs where each player throws the dice and plays the moves that will appear and, through them, you can eat discount tablets or, in other words, compensate your disks with squares, the game starts initially when each player rolls the dice once and the owner of the largest number is the only one. who starts to play and then comes the role of the other player and so on, and if he plays clockwise, if there is no move available to the player, the move moves to the next player and this is the only situation, when a player rolls the dice in one cycle and gets the number 6, he gets an additional roll and this is considered a reward for getting the number 6 and if he gets it again he gets a third roll and will not stop. with him until he finds any move available to him in this case, when a player rolls the dice in one cycle and gets the number 6, he gets an additional roll and this is considered a reward for getting the number 6 and if he gets it again he gets a third roll and will not stop. with him until he finds any move available to him in this case. The game moves to the other player and throws the dice, the newest version of the Lido Game computer and for all kinds of social phones that gather friends, as we mentioned, the game that Ludo King can play as well, two or four people will collect a pretty big number in a game and you will be able to enjoy with your friends playing together in a game and which are the most beautiful games that gather friends.

Ludo King Features:

1. Ludo King is completely free: you can download the game Ludo King for Android also PC, and all new and old versions free of charge are available at Google Play store for Android and at the iTunes store for iPhone.

2. The game is very entertaining: it is known for the Lego game that prevails among many people around the world because it is an entertaining game that works on all operating systems where you can enjoy throwing the dice and waiting for the number that appears. For you, you move the dice in your hands and get the most number and win your opponent in the great game King Ludo.

3. It supports many languages: you can download Ludo King, which originated in Europe and is of Indian origin, and it is a tablet game known as the game of layman, developed and added to many languages to get the greatest number of users all over the world and all people can deal with it without finding any problem, so the game of King Ludo is spread in the widest.

4. Ludo King Online: You can play online with other players and with your friends anywhere in the world, where it is available online in case of internet availability, don’t worry about something where you can follow many friends online and enjoy with them. Game entertainment as you can publish your results on you social networks’ accounts.

5. The game is very easy: the interface of the Ludo game is very easy to use, without the need for prior learning and without the need for explanation, but the company developed for the game has prepared instructive videos that show how to play and surpass others, all you have. What you have to do is download the game King Ludo Modern and start with the player. You won’t have any difficulty using the game if you’re familiar with the rules of the old Lego Game.

6. Suitable for everyone: Ludo King is suitable for all ages where the game of adults and youth increases the concentration and skills of the player, where there are many possibilities when throwing dice, which increases the strength of the player’s approach. and patience to overcome his opponent, in addition to the size of the game, the small Ware does not occupy the device state of large space and does not need high capacities.