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Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a fictional adventure game based on trying to survive and escape the threat of the Zombies or the living dead. Players in this game try to survive through a specific strategy in the game and use the tools of the game to build forts and get weapons to eliminate the living dead and win the game. The idea of the game basically depends on the fairy tale of the Zombies, which appeared in many international movies and then became games in which players can participate and enter this world after a dangerous virus has spread into the world and becomes common people.

Zombies becomes the role of the player. Here, try to keep eliminate the living dead and get the resources to stay alive in the game. The player starts from scratch in this game in which you are alone, in this world you are trying to survive without resources or advantages, but you can collect and get them easily, as at first you can protect yourself by building a house and getting the most important resources, like Water and Food and you must also keep the air.

Last day on Earth Survival is presented by the game studio Combat Kefir!. Game developers rely on a team of over 100 talented youngsters from different locations to offer new and exciting games and add different functions to the game, so the games provided by Studio Games has Kefir! in Impress more than 30 million people who love fighting games and adventures all over the world.

This Action game is not suitable for children because it depends on violence and different martial arts, plus that the general idea of the game may be inappropriate for those under 16 years, as they need some skill and intelligence to learn how to use the resources of the game. well, win and progress to advanced stages. It depends on how you survive in a world full of monsters that only depend on you, you can’t trust this game. Bach or friend there are no rules here! You can only build and continually develop your own fortress to prevent the living dead from reaching you or allow them to become your last day on the game floor.

If you’re a fan of challenge and adventure, Last Day on Earth Survival will be a special game for you where there’s no need to be afraid or hesitant. Everyone lives alive around you and only you can survive by knowing the secrets of the game and how to get the most important resources to protect yourself, so here are the steps to download the Last Day on Earth Survival and how to control it.

How to play Last Day on Earth: Survival

Now that the game is available on your phone, you can enjoy it, start a new fantasy adventure and prepare yourself to fight the living dead and win the last day on Earth. For each game, the rules and first rule here are to survive as long as you can! You have 3 essential elements to keep and their attention in this game, which is water, air and food, like in real life, and each of these three elements has a definite time to finish. To survive in the game you must know the importance of the time you have: only 3 weeks you can survive without food and 3 days to survive without water and only 3 minutes to live without air if you don’t get the necessary resources in the game on time. You will certainly lose.

1. Start of the game:

Demonstration: When you access the game for the first time, you can see the demonstration showing the most important moves you can make to win the game and collect the resources available around you to build a house and a fort to protect yourself from danger. Surrounding the resources when promoted, you will be promoted in the game. You can develop and protect your site as well as acquire weapons that you can use in war with a group of dead people in the city.

2. Build your own house:

The first step in the game Survival of the Last Day on Earth is to get your own safe house in the game, you can hide it from the attack of the living dead and build the house following the construction steps which consists of placing the floor in the beginning and then placing the walls of the house one behind the other as you can through the In-Game options, choose from more than one design wallpaper, you can choose closed walls to build corners and the floor of the house and use some walls with doors and windows to be able to leave the house and have enough air to stay alive in the game and here you can follow the arrows of the game to complete these steps.

Those are your first steps in the game. When the adventure begins, the player will be surrounded by living dead, each of whom begins to appear one after the other, so the game guidelines indicate the importance of getting a home, even before you leave your place.

3. Important tools in the game

you have many tools available to use in the game, either free or paid. You can buy them later, but in general the basic tools offered by the game are the following:

1. The compass: at the top right shows a clearer picture of where you are moving to and indicates some resources or possible attacks from the living dead in the game.

2. You can also use the hand code in the game to capture resources and get them from the ground around you.

3. There are different positions for the player to stand or around a little, you can switch between them and these positions help you attack enemies like Living Dead or wolves or attack other animals in the game.

4. Moving around in the game is easiest through the circle at the bottom left, you can squeeze them in different directions to move and explore the place or escape from the enemies.