Knives Out

Knives Out Game is a fighting game developed by NetEase Games, the idea of fighting to survive on a big island for money and fame, your only task is to kill enemies and survive. This game is a very high quality version of a very famous game on your computer. With the ability to customize and modify your character, you can play alone or within a team of three or five people. 100 players throughout the battle, explore the map and adjacent areas of mountains and islands and train tunnels, collect weapons, take the target, and press the trigger to be the winner.

The game Knives Out were similar to the famous game Playerunknown battlefields also known as PUBG MOBILE produced by China NetEase company attracted more than 50 million active users per month in January. Knives, according to the a report, have proven to be the most popular titles of the “popular battles” that have been published on Android and iOS so far. NetEase released the game in November 2017 and won the knives gains in the first market, attracting more than 50 million active users per month in January. The company other patented combat game, Rules of Survival, succeeded with more than 25 million active users per month in January.

Rules of Survival were issued in November, and continued to bring interest to their base with the offer of the competitive Terminator 2 Super League International tournament, which will award $855,000. China’s two combat operations have also been successful outside China’s main market, representing 30 percent of other countries’ revenues. Out knives have been particularly popular in the Japanese market, with 96% of revenues from the external operating system iOS in February. However, according to Sensortower, Japanese players accounted for 89% of the $8 million revenue generated by the iOS App Store outside China.

About Knives Out

Just like PUBG and other Battle Royal games this game revolves around the player who enters a deserted island to start the battle with bandits and gun holders, who number up to 100 enemies trying to shoot, he defends himself and tries to escape from them with the guidance of strikes, either by hands or through the use of ammunition controls all characters to try to eliminate him and keep him to survive and get rid of enemies.

The game includes a unique experience for the players to live in one of the battles involving violent confrontations with a large number of players and the player alone, and allows the possibility of a player with a group to start the battle by a team against a team of enemies with the development of events within the game to appear in an appropriate narrative from the players landing inside a deserted island and try to escape and use the various weapons with the implementation of the plan, which destroys enemies in an atmosphere full of excitement and fun and the challenge of playing with enemies to get rid of them and stay away from the fear at the end of the player’s game loss, especially as the game includes a number of stages that starts from the easiest to the most difficult. Each phase lasts about a quarter of an hour, which develops the skills of the players.

Knives Out Features

The game contains a number of unique features and characteristics that made it compete with other competitive games, and Excel in terms of the possibilities contained in the game and are not available in similar games, including:

1. Downloading into Android in different formats, the game is being loaded onto all Android devices that play Android in a variety of game modes, allowing the player to confront a team or a person alone with the group of players.

2. Featured graphics and image quality, the game includes animated graphics in a fun and entertaining way for players, with photo quality displaying events within players.

3. Multiple stages of the game, the game offers a series of stages that the player can play, lasting about 20 minutes feeling the player with pleasure and suspense.

5. Simplicity and ease of control of the game, the game is easily controlled by the players in the events within the game, which helped to spread them dramatically.

6. The game is free, although the advantages of the game, but does not require players to pay money to download or enjoy online directly.

Knives out Secrets

1. Risk weight

From the beginning, the game must play the end in mind. If you are thinking about surviving right now, you will end up dying after that moment. Remember, you must be two steps ahead of every opponent in the arena if you want to survive. Your strategy must begin by choosing a place to land. There are many options, but the risks must be taken into account.

2. What to look for

There are three things your character really needs to survive. You’ll pick these things up automatically when you approach them, so it’s a matter of knowing where they are. You can quickly scan any new place you find to see if there’s any significant looting. If you see one, approach it carefully and take it.

3. Always check the mini-map

Mini-map gives you a lot of valuable information. First, show the quickest way to a safe area. You will see a green dotted line indicating this. Second, it also shows you mini-map enemy threats. For example, if you are shot but can’t find the shooter, check the map for a red marker. The marker will point to the shooter’s location.

4. When you try and Sprint

Jogging and jogging are two very different types of movements, but they are just as important. When you wander, you become much slower, but they also help to hide your presence. This is a good thing to do when you are busy with the RAID. I don’t want to make too much noise in an area where other players are probably present.

5. Find a nice ride

As you run around the sand, you sometimes find scattered gas containers. Unfortunately, it’s not about setting your opponents on fire. Pick up the gas when you see it because you’ll eventually stumble upon the vehicles you can drive. Getting into a car will allow you to move quickly between locations. Because you’re on a huge island, this is a useful feature. You can also use your car to beat some of your opponents. But keep in mind that cars make a lot of noise and will attract a lot of attention.