Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a survival horror video game developed by the Russian studio Dynamic Pixels Studio and the launch of tinyBuild. The game was released on December 8, 2017 on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Today, Android owners can experience the same experience.

An impressive game of play, you are forced to storm the house of your neighbors! But that’s not all, this game has the best. Have you seen the horror movie not breathing? Well, the idea is similar, you’re going to storm your neighbor’s house because you think he’s hiding something there. But when you come into his house you will find yourself in a real predicament.

The game Hello Neighbor, or as some call it the annoying  neighbor after the impressive admiration of users are already available on the Android platform. Very simple game idea all you have to do is sneak into your neighbor’s house and find out what he’s doing if he commits crimes and if he hides a corpse or anything suspicious you have to get to his house and look well and also hide well to not catch I play you very hard in some way and you will need some time to be able to plan and skip the stages of the graphics game is very good to some extent you will notice the different moments of the early morning to the evening very gently and wonderfully and n the sounds and effects will be more than wonderful, especially when exposed to persecution by your neighbor… Game. You’ll definitely cut your breath.

Hello Neighbor Story

One day a boy moves into a new neighborhood and, playing in the air, hears a cry from his neighbor’s house. The boy was curious and went to see what the sound was. During his shortsighted glance from a window, he saw his neighbor closing the door to someone in the basement. The boy sneaks into a house and starts looking for the key to the basement. After opening the cellar door, the child discovers that the cellar is a cell. Unfortunately, he found no trace of any prisoner. When he tries to get out, the neighbor grabs him.

The child wakes up and is incarcerated in the basement cell. The boy tries to escape from the cell. After leaving the basement, he discovers that the neighbor has set up traps and a big fence around his property to keep him from escaping. The child has to find a way out of the neighbor’s house. From here begins the escape adventure full of horror, puzzle and suspense.

Hello Neighbor Game-play

During Hello Neighbor game, the young virtual will guide from the first person perspective, where the main objective of the game is to help the young man infiltrate his neighbor’s house. To get to the basement of his house (basement), which hides mysterious secrets. You should try to find the right tools and equipment inside the house that can help you reach and infiltrate the basement, but without seeing or feeling your angry neighbor. where he will then try to follow you and try to stop you, which will take you back to your home to start the journey again and sneak into your neighbor’s house.

What is the mysterious and mysterious mystery hidden by this neighbor? Can you get to his basement to find out? Finally, we discussed in this article the highlight of the next game of terror and infiltration, Hello Neighbor, which will be officially launched in December next year. Where we wait for the release date to know the opinions and evaluation rates of the most prominent sites and the references on them.

Hello Neighbor Features

Hello Neighbor has a lot of features that make it one of the most popular games on the computer or on mobile devices. The most important of these characteristics:

1. Hello Neighbor Android game has a wide range of levels and stages ranging from the easiest to the hardest. The higher the player moves, the higher the concentration.

2. The game is full of a combination of dazzling graphics and graphics, along with the sound effects and music associated with the game, which increases the excitement of the atmosphere and the degree of enjoyment.

3. The Hello Neighbor game is small in size, does not occupy space on the device and does not cause any problems, such as congratulations or other, and does not conflict with any file on the device.