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Dream League Soccer 2018

Dream League Soccer 2018 is one of the strongest games designed in the field of football on mobile phones, it has achieved a wide diffusion over a short period and has achieved the highest number of downloads through online game stores such as: Google Play and others. Dream League Soccer 2018 is a football simulation on the field, and while playing as a real football team, you can create a team for one of the most famous clubs in the world, such as Real Madrid or Barcelona and others, and you can also develop a strategic game plan that your team adopted to play in front of the other team.

Dream League Soccer 2018 makes you get closer than ever to your world’s favorite teams in all leagues, such as the English, Italian or Spanish leagues, you’re only watching the games on TV, you’ve given the possibility to play totally control the construction of your stadium and place players according to your personal plan in different places to help your team defeat the opponent.

Dream League Soccer 2018 Features:

1. The game features a high quality graphic that comes with HD, taking into account the work on the drawings of the stadiums designs and the shapes of the players closest to the realistic shape of each of them, as well as the clothes worn by the players and the logo that appears on them, all the components of the game became realistic.

2. Dream League offers you the pleasure of competing in international leagues and tournaments, as it includes a great mix of big clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea and others, as it has a large number of great teams such as France, Brazil and Russia. Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Spain and others.

3. The game allows you to create a new team of your choice for all of them, from the name to their uniforms, to the team and logo that your team will wear in the game.

4. Dream League 2018 for Android is completely free of charge and does not require the payment of any financial fees during loading or during the game.

5. The game offers the possibility to buy players from all over the world without encountering any difficulty to achieve that goal.

6. Easy control and movement of all the elements of the team to be able to win all the tournaments in which the player participates.

Dream League Soccer 2018 Modes:

  • Friendly Games: During the first style, League Soccer allows you to play for free or go to the friendly matches that take place between teams, and this friendly style requires you to select the team that you and your team will lead.
    The friendly pairing mode provides you with different configurations with which you can adjust the Games, so that you can set the line-up you want your team to play, or modify it according to your personal will, as well as the possibility of choosing the game mode your team should follow, whether defensive or offensive E or renegade attack, as well as the possibility of selecting the team leader.
  • Leagues and tournaments: The Dream League 2018 offers a second style called tournaments and leagues, and this pattern carries a lot of emotion and emotion, as there are around 7 different world championships to give the player so much fun and enjoy the atmosphere of international football, through their skill. Since the Games of those world championships, confrontations are carried out with the biggest teams of the world, to make amusing the fireworks and the world championships in the game through the classification system that is carried out between the teams to leave the losing team. In the tournament, and the winning team can qualify for higher levels in the tournament, and the tournament runs in the same way as the final match in which the team is determined to determine the title holder in the tournament and the maximum amount of points during the tournament. your trip.
  • Online: the game has created an important style and is the most favorite among users of Dream League Soccer 2018, as this style offers a lot of fun, excitement and enthusiasm for players and requires playing in this mode. connect your personal computer to the Internet, to play and face real players from around the world, this pattern is characterized by being a free game in which periodic renewal and distance from traditional modes of boring game play.

How to Play

1. How to move: When the game starts, you’ll see a circle at the bottom of the game window, use it to move players to the right and left and all other directions, and you can also control the ball.

2. How to pay or pass the ball: The game window includes a special order that is used to make the ball pass or pay from the same command, but when you want to pass the ball you just have to touch it in a simple way, and if you want to pay for the ball, you touch it for a long time in the same order.

3. How to speed up the player’s movement: If you want the player to run quickly, you can easily do so by pressing the command to increase the player’s speed.

4. The game includes several other commands that you will inevitably need: there is a restraining order for any player on the opponent’s team, or the order to cut the ball, as well as a command to perform different spherical skills.