Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game with a Great War tactic, is available on Android and iOS, and spread like wildfire when it was launched, and achieved a high download rate from users, and still retains its popularity to this day!

The game depends on your ability to build your own village with your geometric planning to turn it into a distinctive village capable of waging war and winning the spoils, assuming the role of leader and guiding your people towards glory and wealth.

The game is based on exploiting your gold and elixir resources, working optimally on building defenses and training centers for soldiers, and then creating a special attack plan to destroy enemy defenses and enter to destroy it, and take the gold and elixir that will help you progress. in your defenses and increase the strength of your village, as well as win the cups that increase your progress, thus increasing your spoils.

But keep in mind that your loss will decrease the number of cups and your village will be attacked, and the lack of organization of your defenses will also lose trophies and spoils. Then, think carefully about the design of your village to become invincible against armies that crawl for the sake of your village and be a successful leader. You can play the game with individual wars or collectively with your tribe you joined.

The game consists of:

  • Forces: The most important components of the game are the forces by which the player has his army, divided into 3 different groups,
    The first group consists of a group of darts, resource thieves and barbarian forces,
    The second group consists of a layer of witches and aircraft and a group of giants,
    Those who break the walls, the third and last group are formed by therapists and dragons.
  • Heroes Collection: The Heroes Group is a band of trained infantry,
    At the highest level because they are queen king and king, there is a group of buildings that produce the gold that is collected.
    During the attack it also produces a black elixir.
  • The rest of the game components: The game also contains a collection of war weapons, a shooting tower and a magician,
    The mortar, the tower of hell, the hidden Tesla, and there’s an incredible collection of grenades, air grenades and mine,
    You’ll feel like you’re waging a real war or a military film of your own, and your heroism, and you’ll write
    The end is with your hands, you will enjoy the game Clash of clans. has not achieved that success in the void,
    And you can get them and download them from well-known online stores, and we’ll talk about them in the next few articles.
    For another set of exciting and fun games.

Clash of Clans Facts:

1. SuperCell is the owner and developer of the game, a company established in Finland in 2010:

It is also the manufacturer of the famous games “Clash Royale”, “Hay Day” and “Boom Beach”.
The company’s value is estimated at $5.5 billion, and although these games are free, players can shop inside the game to get what they need to beat their competitors.

2. Kalans Crash earns more than $5 million per day, and the Company’s crew exceeds 230 employees:

The interesting thing about all this is that the COC has more than 30 million active users, but the operating team of the Game is made up of only 15 people, which generates a lot of work pressure, but their physical income makes it worthwhile.

The surprising thing is that the game gets most of its income from the top 10% of the total players, so this elite of players knows well that the only way to stay on top is to pay some money for the development of the fence. If they left their cameras unattended in real time, other players can attack them while they are away and steal some resources and prizes.

3. A player named “Panda” spent more than 7,000 U.S. dollars in one month, just like the “jorge yao” player spends $250 per week to buy jewelry alone!
Player Jorge Yao Jorge Yao

You may be wondering how a Jorge who lives in a 25-meter apartment in San Francisco could spend that much of a week on a game.
In fact, Jorge was sponsored by some “sponsors” of wealthy people, mostly from the United Arab Emirates. He has also been playing with five different beads at the same time to stay on top of the top, as well as being an innovative idea to wrap his five electronic devices with plastic bags so he can play in the shower.Jorge rose to the throne of the game for six months, and is the first player in the history of the game to break the 4000 cup barrier, which made him famous around the world, but when he felt the game controlled his life, he definitely stopped playing.
His name recently returned to shine first, but he soon lost his status.



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