Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a game based on three team against three, where you can play against a team of three against another team or play against the computer in educational and introductory roles, but basically a fighting game based on a team system against a team. Players from all over the world can enter an endless battle every time you enter the game, open new characters, develop your personality and open new levels in the game. The game has different levels or modes, but you don’t choose which mode you’ll play in which you’ll choose which mode you’ll play randomly. There is a similarity between the game Brawl Stars and the other games owned by the company Supercell. It is also based on the collection of jewels and there are also boxes like the game Clash of Clans and the team that collects the jewels first and continues to keep them until The end of time is the winning team in the game.

Brawl Stars Modes Explanation

There are many modes in the game and I will explain the game modes one after the other and also explain in detail the fighting stars of the game

1. Smash & Grab: This level is based on a fixed time of 16 seconds, where the two teams collect 10 jewels and the team that remains in the jewels until the end of the times is the winner in case of the death of one of the teams into which the jewels fall. Group on the battlefield and have to pick them up again until the capture victory.

2. Heist: In this situation, there are two defense team teams and the task of the defense team’s attacking team is to prevent the attacking team from reaching the safe area that holds the gems that pile up. Each level consists of 25 minutes in case the firmness of the defense team is a great victory, either in case the defense team does not resist, the attacking team can be in any team of them.

3.Bounty: This mode is a situation of death in which each team must accumulate as many stars and its function is to collect as many stars for its team, the one that will collect as many stars is the victorious team.

4. Showdown: This is the only situation that does not have the Team System, where it consists of 10 players and the player who stays alive until the end is the winning player in this situation. It is the only situation that does not have the 3VS3. system or the tripartite team.

Brawl Stars Characters

The game is like any other game with multiple characters or anyone you don’t know within the game with fighters, which is different in terms of weapons, skills and game style, making each character unique about the other. The game has 15 characters in general, the game will start with a character you know as Shelly and then you can open the rest of the characters by opening the

Boxes inside the Game

In addition to all the explanations in the game, there are fight star game boxes that help you progress through the game and also help you update characters or unlock new characters and prizes within the random boxes. You can also upgrade the characters and there are also coins inside the game’s premium coin, which is known as gems that you can find inside the fight box and ten gems, as you can buy gems inside the game.

Upgrading Brawl Stars characters

By opening boxes or buying gems, you can enhance your characters or what are known as fighters by increasing their ability to destroy and promote the health of the characters or what is known as improvement damage ability and health.

How to play the primitive stages in Brawl Stars?

At first, after downloading Brawl Stars for android, the game will give you a training stage at the beginning of the work to recognize the game’s playing style by means of an illustration, since the illustration shows the method of movement in any direction. It shows you the discount you will face in the real stages of the game and how to shoot it, as well as the movement method to collect money as quickly and professionally as possible, through the indicator that shows you in the form of a hand that indicates the explanation of the game and the instructions to which you should go.

How to play the Actual stages in Brawl Stars?

1. Once you have finished choosing the name you are playing within the Star Wars game for the iPhone, you will notice that the team you are playing with will also appear for other players, then be 3 players against 3 players within the game for a fierce competition to Win and win over the opposing team.

2. You will recognize your combat personality during the fierce fight that you will lead, through the arrow that goes towards you and the name that appears next to the character you have named.

3. All you have to do is start with a powerful force towards the opponent and shoot him continuously to eliminate him, all in cooperation with the team that joins you and who belongs to you, to be eliminated and collect many jewels. That will appear to you later.

4. At the end of time, you’ll see the countdown begin so you can move faster and collect as many jewels as possible until you win your opponent.