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ARK: Survival Evolved

When you suddenly wake up to find yourself in an unknown place, a summary of everything … Even your clothes … You are surrounded by sand on each side and in front of you. Strange sounds fill the place … With giant steps and steps, the Earth is almost shaken by its intensity you are on the island of ARK. The world full of dinosaurs and giant creatures.

ARK: Survival Evolved game is an open world game that makes you play as a hunter trying to fish and live with dinosaurs. You can hunt or ride dinosaurs in a huge, living world filled with tens of thousands of dinosaurs of different genres and races. The game was developed by Studio Wildcard, who released a new game program that confirms the arrival of the game to Xbox One appliances and the fourth after its first release on the PC.

Game Story:

ARK: Survival Evolved start based on your choice of a man or woman on a mysterious beach on an island Called ARK. Your task will certainly be to resist and survive. You will fight against all kinds of difficulties of cold, hunger and fear. You will have to search, harvest and invent useful tools from your initial resources. The most important thing is that they fight and hunt giant creatures of dinosaurs or crawling planes or savages. Handle it intelligently and try to tame it and take advantage of its horrible abilities and possibilities.

From the first moment in the game you will be in your hands, as you will be able to choose your personality in the world of men’s or women’s play. Not only that. The choice will not be limited to the gender of the personality, but will be able to control almost all parts of the Body. And even the length … You can select and select the color of hair and eyes, neck length, head size, width and height, hands, chest, shoulders, legs and feet. Almost everything without exception … Then enjoy the feeling that your personality is already paired with your real character, for example, or any other character you feel you are attracted to. After that, you start the game in which you find yourself on one of the mysterious beaches of Ark Island and you’re not dressed and you have nothing. Where the adventure begins with search and discovery.

The game depends on the perspective of the first person in general, but there are situations where you can choose the perspective of the third person. As far as the game world is concerned, it’s already huge. According to the promoters, the area is equivalent to 48 square kilometers on the ground, divided between 36 square km of land and 12 square km of water and oceans.

The main objective of the game is to keep you alive, so it will surely require a lot of … You’ll need to build and establish your own private base or shelter, as well as get weapons, tools and food. The most important thing is to find a way to get a fire. In order to really start building your own stable, you’ll need a lot of resources and bases of doors, windows, and flooring materials that you can get during your game play, development, and progress in the Stages. Of course, you can invent anything you need, even doors and windows or anything else from the construction tools, but that also requires special skills and resources that you can find in the game environment.

Game’s Graphics:

What really distinguishes the game from the first moment is the graphical magnificence and intensity of its beauty. For this style of games – games (Survival) – There has never been a game of this size with precision and focus on the game environment and the game world.The focus was clearly on the dinosaurs and their shapes, all their details, without exception, were truly fascinating and amazing. Despite the enormity of the world, each part is beautiful and unique, as the trees and plants are magnificent, as are the sandy and rocky shores of the island, and the water and its way of being very impressive and realistic.

Game’s Sounds:

As the game was marked on one side, the graphic was already marked by the sounds of the hands. The sounds of the dinosaurs are very elaborate, as is the environment around them in General. The sounds of various weather conditions of rain, wind and storms, also the sound of music and other influences when you start a battle or you are hit by a surprise attack. They were all very distinctive and highly accurate.

Duration of the game:

As with all Survival games, there is no limit to the game play or game time. I discovered that the game is more than wonderful, especially with the progression of the stages and the sophistication and in collaboration with other people through the Internet.Your ability to tame the dinosaurs in the game won’t be an easy task, and if you dream of tame and ride the famous dinosaur (t-Rex), make sure you spend long hours to achieve this special goal.